'The Big Money
Is In The
Big Trend'

About Our Service

The Investment Scoring & Timing Newsletter is an online publication designed to show investors how we make profitable entry and exit trading decisions in high growth potential investments. Our unique scoring system is a visual guide to assist us in making lower risk / higher reward trades.

For example:

* This information is only valid for the date shown on the chart.

Monthly, weekly and daily data is charted, custom scored for the purpose of investment timing and updated weekly in the members section of our website. A newsletter is then issued to keep our subscribers informed of the changes. Our unique timing system is designed to help reduce common investor weaknesses when making investment decisions. Having a trading system to help overcome these challenges assists us in making logical, profitable investments.

Our strategy is different from many financial services in that we are not bias towards one particular sector or investment. Our primary goal is to determine the markets major long term trend. We then zero in on that trend to seek out the best investment opportunity at that time. Additionally, we differ from many other timing systems as we do not rely heavily on conventional technical analysis such as candle stick analysis, wave counts or oscillators. Instead, we try to limit human discretion by using our exclusive, Investment Scoring & Timing System to help guide us in our trades. Our newsletter is superior because our subscribers receive access to Our System instead of commentary, limiting the potential for human emotion and bias.

Our System is simple and unique. The mass public does not have access to our exclusively designed Investment Scoring & Timing System thereby reducing the possibility of overusing and limiting its effectiveness. Only our subscribers have exclusive access to the information and insights of these trading signals.

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